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an amazing guy with radiant green eyes, soft brown hair, and a captivating smile that catches every girl's eye. he's a total power nerd, and shy until you get to know him. once he breaks out of his shell, he's outgoing, hilarious, and has an awesome attitude towards life. he plays the drums and is really musically talented. harry is extremely athletic, strong, and fast, especially in running and baseball. he has perfect grades and an incredible personality. he's a fantastic artist. everybody likes him, and he has a ton of amazing friends because he's fun to be around. EVERYBODY LOVES HARRY
"You're dating Harry? I'M SO JEALOUS!"

"Have a science question? Just ask Harry!"

"What are those loud drumming noises coming from the garage? Oh that must be Harry..."

"I love Harry more than I have loved anybody before"
by secretadmirer00000 January 10, 2013

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