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The biggest pimp around. Amazing/Influential member of the african american community.
charlie brown:"martin lutha kang was a boss pimp"
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006
Thanksgiving with your bros.
bro1:"Dude, Brosgiving was awesome this year."
bro2:"What did you guys do?"
bro1:"You know, bro, chillax, drink wiskey, eat turkey, watch skate vids"
by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006
4 times as gnarly as the usual gnarly.
dude did you see him rip that jersey slashback? that was quad-gnar brah!
by sebastian crucial November 30, 2006
When a bro is especially humanitarian.
"Doug is talking about moving to Sudan for a year to help with the efforts to end the genocide in Darfur. He is defintely a bromanitarian."
by sebastian crucial February 02, 2007
Bros who are way into Lord of the Rings.
"Taylor is such a brohirrim, you can't even quote the movies without him correcting you"
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006
Anything pertaining to or involving something so cool or rad that is litteraly a festival of total gnarliness.
"Dude, the moive Shreddin' is a total gnar fest!"
by sebastian crucial January 18, 2007
even better than shredding the gnar.
bro1:"Hey dude you wanna go shred the gnar?"
bro2:"FUCK NA, lets hesh the gnar"
by sebastian crucial January 24, 2007
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