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3 definitions by sebass

The area a guy gets stuck in when he is to ugly or not cool enough (etc.) to get sex but still too good, somewhat attractive enough (etc.) so that he can't get pitty sex... hence he is stuck with only Jill - (the hand a guy uses to jack off with, the fingers spell out JILL)
Why do I have to be stuck in the jill zone!?!?

I couldn't have been better looking to get out of the jill zone, could I?!?

Are u kidding me?! Even melvin gets pitty sex, i'm stuck in the gay jill zone!!!
by Sebass March 08, 2008
(Wanna-be whore)
A nice, cute, or goody-goody girl who TRIES to act like a whore or slut.
Wow she is such a freaking wab!
by Sebass February 18, 2008
(oh r)
short for orgasm
they lick them rubbed but no ones gonna get an OR from it...
by sebass May 26, 2008