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The Cleveland Steamer does not necessarily involve the rolling back and forth, to and fro, per se of said dookie. Rather, the term Steamer refers to the relative temperature at which a growler is produced. The rectum being 4 degrees F above core body temperature allows for the optimal environment to produce a Celine Dion with the smoldering characteristics. Cleveland refers to the cleavage of a womans breastesis though, ironically, homo's are the main proprietors of this filthy fetish.
While having mediocre sex with Nancy, or whatever her name was, she excitedly offered up her heaving breastesis for a Cleveland Steamer. Repulsed beyond comprehension by the fact that she was: a) not only into such debauchery but b) excited by the thought, I backed my cack out of her arse, proceeded to give her an impromptu hot carl, got dressed and fucked off.
by Seatthell February 14, 2006
snow skis. Due to the big, gaping hole or area that exists between each ski and thus your legs.
Punk: Look at that bunch of gapers riding their gaping sticks.
Fucktard: Ya.

person: I need some new gaping sticks
anonymous: No you need to stfu.
by Seatthell January 27, 2007
A term used to describe anything that is not right, broken, not going well, messed up, or basically anything that you just generally do not agree with.

Overused to epic tweaker proportions in 'the scene', it can be used multiple times in a single sentence and have legitimate need for its use each time.

If said more than once in a conversation is a dead giveaway that someone hits the choad pipe on the reg.
Smoker: Last night was soo fucked off man listen to this: so after you left, me and your fucked off girlfriend were walking to the club and as i pulled out that rig a cig that i broke earlier and had to mc gyver...
General Nuisance: uh huh
Smoker: my fucking brand new piece hitched a ride and came flying out my pocket and bounced off the sidewalk into a total fucked off mess right in front of that block monster with the cloudy eye thats always scanning at 45 degrees.
Nuisance: That dude is so fucked off. One time his eye scanned me when I was almost standing behind him. Creeped me the fuck out. hella bad.

Smoker: Stop saying hella so much. But ya the club was hella fucked off so your girl pulled me back to her crib and got me g'd up and lookin to meet up lol.

Nuisance: Then what she blew you!
Smoker: No way dude we wouldn't do that! Thats fucked off that you would even say that!

Nuisance: I'm sorry
Smoker: You should be cos I'm not some fucked off twacker who would just up and put my dick in her mouth. But damn that girl can fuck
Nuisance: Hella fucked off
Smoker: I'm sorry
by Seatthell August 22, 2011
This is when your plans for the evening include you and your bros going out and doing the same thing you always do.

bros +usual
Bro: What we doin 2nite?
Bro: Blow & Hoes
Bro: So, the brosual..
Bro: Werd
by Seatthell July 27, 2011
what you be pullin on the daily
Example: Damm, you be pullin hella ass like every day. That shit is tight!

Respondant: I do alright.
by Seatthell July 27, 2011
when someone who is autistic does something fantastic
Dude: did you see what that autistic person just did!!

Other dude: Definitely have to go to K Mart for underwear.

Dude: that was autastic I tell ya! How much would you pay to see someone do that again?

Other dude: 'bout a hundred dollars. Ya, definitely a hundred dollars.
by Seatthell May 03, 2008
Round my way, it means you keep putting off masterbating, ie you keep procrastinating on your masterbating.
Guy: Ya I was gonna free willy and do my best automatic sprinkler impression but then I got distract... ooh look! a nickel! (..and thus another successful procrasterbate)
by Seatthell July 27, 2011

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