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1. (adj.) when someone or something is especially cool, in the most literal sense.

2. (adj.) the new "fetch."

Often confused with: Denver (N), a city in Colorado. Although the adjective is derived from the cool nature of the city, the word takes on new meaning in a vernacular context.
"Wow, Jack you're looking so denver today!“
“That's a denver idea, Brian!"
“Sarah thinks denver is never gonna happen (but she's wrong)."
"Chloe is really denver at defining words."
by SEAS July 04, 2014
when referring to "ranger rick", a slang term for any kind of park ranger/fish&game cop. it is a noun but can also be used as a verb. example: "we almost got ricked for not having the right permits..."
camper 1: "was that rick that just drove by?"

camper 2: "yeah, make sure you have your fishing license..."
by seas August 04, 2008
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