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shi short for shit, man meaning your brother from another mother.
Shi man, had the chronic g up on the weekend. Everyone was doin it.

holy shit man! shi man

by sean n dom May 07, 2007
An act of peer pressure to persuade people to do the same thing as you.
Were goin streaking through the quad to the gymnasium, everyones doin it!

Shi man were having a mad g up, everyones doin it!
by sean n dom May 07, 2007
When your eyes go slant eyed after a mad g up.
Shi man you look all chong nezzy!
by sean n dom May 07, 2007
The act of consuming a cocktail of illicit substances, spreading it amongst a group of friends lasting 48 hours or more.
shi man call Jason and see if he wants to come over for a mad g up, everyones doin it.

Ruffy: what did you get up to for the weekend?
Massive bo: Had a dirty big g up at my place, it was chong nezzy, aqueezy was there.
by sean n dom May 07, 2007

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