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to use the website craigslist.com to post another person's address and photos in the personals section in order to trap the target into surprise anonymous sex, esp. used as a form of revenge.

abbreviated cl
Friend (girl): "Oh god, (bidet) cheated on me. I can't believe I trusted him! I can't believe how badly I'm shaking! I'm crying so... so hard. I feel like dying. I'm going to kill myself!"
Me (boy): "No, wait!"
Friend: "Why?"
Me: "Hold on. OK. I just craigslisted him since I still have his address."

Alex Jones: "Man, someone craigslisted me and I had to fight off these old fat white men who wanted to be my daddy and tried to force me to be their butt slave. Must be the Illuminati!"
by señor cunty February 21, 2010


1. a highly contagious social disorder based on fear (see 2)
2. a person afraid of being accused of being a hipster

3. a person that knows the definition of hipster esp. after looking it up on urbandictionary.com


1. (of a person or place) slightly negative judgment based on real or perceived pretentiousness
"In this late capitalist stage of Americanism in which meaningful culture has virtually been destroyed, hipster is now spreading everywhere to near genocidal proportions."


Person one: "You're such an edgy hipster."
Person two: "Edgy hipster? You should keep razors away from your legs."

3. "Man, I don't feel like such a loser after reading through over 150 definitions of hipster; after all, bigger ones wrote them."

1. "This place, Frjtz, is so fucking hipster. They only plus is that the cute Mexican cashier and I are sustaining homoerotic eye contact."
by señor cunty March 29, 2010

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