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(n) large and beautiful breasts belonging to a young lady.(
(adj)used to emphasize the greatness of something or someone.
Did you peep them bigass chocolate covered's mac on that trick ? Yeah brah, I could probly hit it, my game has been chocolate covered as hell lately.
by sdwyer October 02, 2005
some thing that is good. If one is wet, on fire, or ill they are often said to be "mctittles". Often used to describe actual tittles.
You see dat nigga at the courts tonight? His J' was on that chocolate covered mctittles tip.
by sdwyer October 02, 2005
A crazy old bastard. Often consumes large ammounts of alcohol. Often curses and kicks ass.
You see that crazy gab come out there and drop that dude half his age?
by sdwyer October 02, 2005
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