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Cleaning out a bowl from a pipe. Either because the person before couldn't bong it, or the ash gets stuck in a pipe and needs to be cleaned, therefore ashing it.
I am not going to cash it when it is already burned. Just ash it out so we can pack a fresh one.
by sdw17 August 19, 2008
When the bong bowl is cleared and the ash goes down into the water all in one hit. This keeps the bowl ready after each bong to be packed again and not having to ash it.
Don't hand me a pipe expecting me to cash it you motherfucker. I'll clean what you couldn't hit and pack a fresh one for me to bong it.
by sdw17 August 19, 2008
Passing a water pipe with ash in it for someone else to hit because they couldn't bong it. Either passing it to say fuck you to the next person, or just being a dumbass and not realize your handing an empty pipe.
Noob: *Cough, cough* Here, cash it man.

Stoner: Dip shit don't pass me an empty pipe. Now I have to ash it to pack a fresh bong.
by sdw17 August 19, 2008

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