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To construct, fabricate or improvise "new information" so as to appear knowledgeable.
Ed: Any news on the tornado?

Jed: Naw, the power's still out

Ed: Dj'ou ask Ned?

Jed: He don't know nothin. He just WolfBlitzered a bunch of conjecture about death tolls and injuries.

Ed: Ned's always tryin to look like a knowitall.
by sdsongster May 15, 2013
a person who sends friend requests via other peoples' friend lists and continues to request their friends and so on and so on.

You receive a friend request from someone you have never heard of from another state but you have 6 friends in common. They're likely a friend worm

This person trolls through peoples' friend lists getting added by anyone they can find to access as many friend lists as they can.
You got 2,000 friends but you don't know anybody, dude. You're just friend worming everybody, asshat.
by sdsongster July 29, 2011
someone who spends a majority of their time playing with their Droid mobile device. When you try to converse with them they look up periodically while checking Facebook, Tweeting and Googling stuff.
Put down your freaking phone, dude. You are SUCH a droidoid!
by sdsongster July 29, 2011

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