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The hour set aside during the last weekend in March during which businesses and households worldwide are encouraged to turn off all unnecessary electricity to promote awareness of global climate change. Furthermore, earth hour allows an observer to engage in various activities that would cause shame or embarrassment if the lights were on. Activities including, but not limited to, being featured on failblog, yacking in front of that hot guy/girl you want to bang, and coitus with extremely unattractive individuals are pardoned. After all, epic fails and party fouls are completely justified if committed during an attempt to save the world.
Person A: "Dude, please tell me you didn't bang that chick you brought home last night. She looked like a mangy troll."
Person B: "It was earth hour. Don't you care about the world."
Person A: *hangs head in shame*
by sdreed March 27, 2009

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