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1) noun - A person who possesses a uncanny ablity to build with the Lincoln Log.
Shawn is a Lincoln Log Pimp
by sdawg November 05, 2004
a person who talks smack out of their ass. usually seen looking up the word stupid in the dictionary because they don't know what it means.
You bitchmade mama's boy, you actin' all j_kip about right now.
by sdawg February 10, 2005
a person with the equivalent of a mouth full of faeces. he has many mental disorders including but not limited to:OCD, Mental Dysponexia, Erectile Disorder, Lycanthropic Disorder, attention whore deficit disorder, and Cinematic Defecit Disorder.
You gotta be a stupid mofo, like j_kip, to get fired on your day off.
by sdawg February 11, 2005
A guy who lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast who is into getting a Cleveland Steamer.
j_kip: yeah baby, come up here and poo on my chest.
j_kip's boyfriend: what?!? you crazy fag! *slams door*
by sdawg February 16, 2005
works in place of fucker, man, mayne, and bitch; loving or derogatory in nature - you file it.
nista fuckin up and copped his shit.
tell that nista if he want it to come get it.
nista, please!
yo nista nista got a dolla?
by sdawg April 11, 2005

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