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That slim, blonde, German guy on holiday wearing speedos. May sometime have a blonde beard.
Look at that gunter's speedos!
by scrunions r us November 25, 2007
A female, even lower down the class line than a Chavette. Dubbers don't work as they are single parents. They usually live in smaller towns i.e. Chorley. They are usually a few years behind with fashion as they buy clothes from the local market's end of last summer season, but one, sale. Usually have love handles & belly popping out from under their clothing as they haven't been able to buy any new clothes that fit since giving birth. They have greasy, lank un-colour treated hair and greasy bad skin. They wear less gold than a chav but do sometimes have the odd sovereign ring.
I bet that dubber got her pale purple coloured trousers at Chorley Market's end of summer season sale.
by scrunions r us November 25, 2007
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