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The perfect animal. There is nothing better than the cat. Many scientists speculate that Chuck Norris is indeed a cat. Many scientists also speculate that the cat will no longer evolve, because it is in it's most perfect form already. The cat's only known natural enemy is the dog, even though the dog is no match for the cat, in wits, vision, or hearing. There are very few cases of dogs winning, and it is proven that in each case either the cat was lame or blind in one or more eyes.
"My cat Fluffy is so smart!"

The above statement is stupid, because all cats are intelligent.
by scruffyfan August 29, 2008
Noun: The recipe you follow when you do not have the necessary materials or ingredients for the regular recipe, i.e. wrapping a container in a plastic baggie when it calls for plastic wrap on top, using powdered eggs when you don't have any real ones, etc.
Girl: Hey, Mom, we don't have any powdered sugar to make these cookies with.

Mom: It's okay, just put some regular sugar in the blender, we'll use the redneck recipe.
by scruffyfan August 06, 2011

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