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when ya tuck yur junk between yur legs and moon people. also see luau.
when we passed the car of girls we could obviously not score that night i dropped the pants, tucked her in and slammed a full blown fruitbowl on 'em.
by scrublife October 15, 2003
While They Are Young.
Guy 1 : "Damn... I feel like a pedo looking at all these middle schoolers."

Guy 2 : "So?? Age don't matter. WTAY boy!!"

Guy 1 : "Fuck it!"
by Scrublife June 29, 2012
while camping or cottaging females seem to lose sense of maintaining a clean and non-odourous vaginal area. not to be played with unless adult supervision is present.
he gobbed on the gnappy cottage crotch and went down on it to his dismay, it smelled awfully moist and unlogically stank.
by scrublife October 15, 2003
a fruitbowl with a pressed ham combo in refernce to the pineapple and fruit of the hawaiian luau with the hammy ham pig.
with the windows rolled up tight and pressed ham quickly losing its fun josh presented the elderly with none other then a luau.
by scrublife October 15, 2003
sallys dripper smelled of garfunkle and swamp.
by scrublife October 15, 2003
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