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Scrotum, see beanbag or nutbag.

static, figure it out yourself.
Ever wear wool underwear? Ouch!
by scrotum static May 25, 2004
Boboli: singular Cherished male possession carried in a beanbag. Typically two boboli’s are paired.
Singular: “No wonder Hitler was so angry, he only had one boboli”.

Plural: “When he refused to pay $40 after the Negin&Noosheen, the hooker kicked the john in the boboli’s”.
by scrotum static May 25, 2004
Gay Rodent
Every time a boy Chipmunk went past, the Flaming Chipmunk put his ass way up in the air.
by scrotum static May 26, 2004
Compound word used to define services performed by prostitutes for money.
Negin, derived from the Italian word 'kneegiv' meaning 'Kneeling'.
Noosheen, from the Greek 'poo-sheen' meaning 'back door'.
The crack addict stood on the corner offering to take all cummers in the Negin&Noosheen for $20.

"Mommy, look. That hooker has a runny nose". "No dear, she's just full from doing too much Negin&Noosheen".

The drunken hooker kept getting confused. She would always fart after Negin and spit after Noosheen.

Stupid hooker!
by scrotum static May 25, 2004
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