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The beer a stripper pours down his/her body subsequently consumed by any moron willing to roll the dice on the wheel of STDs.
Darryl had a sixer of Chodeweisers last night at the party and now he has to go to the hospital to have a q-tip shoved in his penis to check for STDs.
by scrotguy November 22, 2005
A politically correct way of saying gay lover. Usually the gay lover you would marry, but you can't because it is not legal to marry other dirty assclowns. Unless you go to Massachussets where I think it's still legal, that is until the gays abuse it like they do each others sphincters.
Bruce and Terri make the cutest lifepartners, too bad they can't marry... Oh well, let's go throw a big gay parade and force gayness on unsuspecting breeders.(aka hetero people)
by scrotguy November 23, 2005

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