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To slam a being against a hard wall, pull down their pants as well as yours, get behind them in a comfortable upright position, and repeatedly stick your penis in and out of their anus.

To use strength and agility to force a man, woman, or toddler upon an elevated surface and to wiggle your way into their asshole.
Harry Johnson: Ahhh dude i can't walk, some child scrooged the shit out of me!!!

Steve: Ow!!

Brad: what happened man?

Steve: yesterday billy tossed me onto a desk and scrooged me until i blacked out

Fujimora: Herro is anybody here.

Creeper: I'm here Fujimora, im here.

Fujimora: Who say that?

Creeper: I say that Fujimora, i say that. Now get on the wall and pull down your pants, it's scrooging time.
by scroogemaster February 19, 2009
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