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(n)Long Island is an island consiting of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk
Though when people refer to the term Long Island they probably only mean Nassau and Suffolk. Long Island especially Nassau has been greatly affected by its rowdy neighbor and Nassau is considered to be a mainly urban area with a few suburban towns sprinkled in. It consits of rich neighborhoods like Great Neck and Muttontown. And poor neighborhoods like Roosevelt, and Hempstead. The two citys of Long Island are Glen Cove and Long Beach which both have urban feels and is developed more than your average city and both have crime similar to those of big citys. Suffolk is somewhat urban, somewhat suburban and somewhat rural. About 100 miles east of the NYC border in suffolk is green acres and farm land. Though someparts of suffolk have been infested with urban sprawl and have been infested with gangs. Other towns are nice and quiet and particulary suburban like Smithtown and St. James. Sometowns are notorious like Wyandanch and Central Islip.
"My cousin lives on a nice block, but right around the corner theres a bunch a guys smoking pot and selling drugs"
by scrills August 13, 2005

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