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fuck you loser. used after someone not liked uses FML.
boy: hey wanna go out
girl: hell no
boy: bitch. FML
girl: FYL.
by screwged December 29, 2010
when two or more people fill your facebook wall with wall posts that have no meaning and just waste space and piss people off
i have homework


by screwged February 01, 2011
the formula for school.

consume knowledge
regurgitate on a test
repeat the process
friend: how do i succeed in school.
me: consume-regurgitate-repeat, my friend, consume- regurgitate- repeat.
by screwged January 04, 2011
occupying time that could be done doing work by listening to rock music
i couldnt do my homework because i was rockupied.
by screwged December 26, 2010
the act of doing a women doggy style over a kitchen counter while she makes a bagged lunch
I got a doggy bag for lunch today.
by screwged November 28, 2010

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