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One of the most influential stables in the history of professional wrestling. First emerging in October of 1997, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Triple H began going against the establishment, and getting the crowds behind them doing it. The D-X lineup changed in March of 98, after Shawn Michaels lost the WWE Championship to Stone Cold Steve Austin and suffered a back injury that kept him out of wrestling for 4 years. Triple H added Billy Gunn (currently Kip James in TNA), Road Dogg Jesse James (currently B.G. James in TNA) and X-Pac (going by his real name Sean Waltman in TNA). The group enjoyed great success both in the ring and with the fans, until Triple H turned his back on D-X, siding with Vince McMahon's corporation in 1999. D-X would occasionaly reunify, but was silenced permanently in 2003.
"If you're not down with D-Generation X then I've got 2 words for ya......SUCK IT!!!!!"
-quote from Triple H
by screwallfacistpigs August 24, 2005
Mere words cannot describe how much of a fucking tool someone has to be to deserve being called this. To be used only when conventional insults like polesmoker, motherfucker, cocksucker, and fgt just don't get the job done.
"Why the fuck are you hitting on my little 13 year old sister?? You FUCKING FAGGOT MOLESTER!!!!"
by screwallfacistpigs August 24, 2005

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