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In a large crowd, the total number of teeth of all people combined divided by the total number of heads. In a well eduated crowd with reasonable oral hygene, one would expect the tooth to head ratio to be close to 32:1. If you were to attend a monster truck rally or a wrestling match, one would expect the tooth to head ratio to be around 12:1. At a bluegrass concert it can sit around the 5:1 or 4:1 area.
I have stopped going to Ottawa Senators games when the Leafs are in town because the tooth to head ratio is just too low to handle.
by scow buba March 22, 2009
ironogance is describes the act of inferring in an arrogant manner that everyone else is too stupid to understand the point being made while in reality the person acting in the arrogant manner is obviously wrong.
The students snickered as the teacher rolled her eyes and berated the student for suggesting that "Gee Gee" was not a valid proper noun beginning with the letter G. Her ironogance was especially poignant since it was the name of the sports teams at her Alma mater.
by scow buba November 04, 2010
Ventrepreneur refers to a person participating at a new business venture that is backed by venture capital. While the ventrepreneur calims to be an entrepreneur, he has no actual personal stake in the success or failure of the enterprise.

The primary motivation for a ventrepreneur is to remain endeared to the source of the venture capital, thus positioning himself to participate in future attempts. The ventrepreneur will choose options that are less beneficial to the company if it means that company failure will not be blamed on him.
In the true style of a Ventrepreneur, the chairman spent 3 weeks refining the contract and trying to squeeze 1 week out of the schedule.
by scow buba November 04, 2010
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