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2 definitions by scousestan

To create a diary-style narrative based on your own life-story or that of a fictional character. In both genres, invented lurid events such as parental, sibling or avuncular incest are mandatory.
Publisher's agent: I hear this stripper is ready to diarize. Can we meet her $2 million advance demand? She names names. Remember that Bridget Jones sold well.
by scousestan January 12, 2010
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n. A collector of cold nests.

Earlier meanings include 'a person more interested in the past than present or future.'
Here it applies specifically to those nostalgic and obsessed over past shags. Compare the phrase 'A night on the nest' for a one-night-stand!

Jim's a real, boring preterist, always boasting about his past conquests. Keeps a little black book, I'm told.
by scousestan April 09, 2009
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