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i`ve read every definition of a SCOUSER that has been put on this website and being a scouser myself but with links in other areas of the UK i am not as niave as some others and know other peoples opinion of scousers. the truth is us scousers are friendly, talkative and proud people. we take pride in our past E.G the beatles, 5 european cups (hopefuly 6 on wensdee) and our famous anfield kop songs (in our famous accent). we hate the mancs because their not to be trusted, their no where near as hospitable as other regions and there girls are slags. Thats the way were brought up and every true scouser feels the same way about the mancs. all the rubbish about us stealing your cars and saying calm down calm down is stereotypical views of those jealous of our famous and wonderful city. although our air may not be as clean as other places in the uk we have higher employment rates and lower crime counts than mancland and london. after all we aint capital of culture for nothing. so all you people with bad views on my amazing home city that i am proud to be from take my advise and..... meet a scouser coz i guarentee aslong as your not a manc or a chelsea fan you`ll get on wit us just fine.
proud scousers song

"we wun it 5 times,
we wun it 5 tiiiiiiiimes,
in istanbuuuuuul,
we wun it 5 times.

on loan,
its only on looooooooooan,
from greek athens,
we`ll bring it back home."
by scouse and proud May 20, 2007

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