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2 definitions by scottmale24

The instantaneous removal of one's e-penis.
Person A: Did you see that level 43 guy get owned by that level 2 noob in Halo last night?
Person B: Yeah, talk about an e-penectomy.
Me: Fuck Halo, and fuck you for talking about it every 3 seconds.
by scottmale24 October 22, 2005
29 11
Homosexual tendencies developed from being on internet forums too long. When used in real life, like pwned or lol, people tend to hate the person saying it.
Example 1: Proper Internet e-gay.
haxx0r-tim: sexnow
l33t_steve: lolk
haxx0r-tim: *sexes

Example 2: Improper Real-Life e-gay.
Tim: Hey steve, let's have sex.
Steve: What?
Tim: Lol, JK. I powned you.
Steve: ...
by scottmale24 October 14, 2005
29 18