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pronounced guh-la-ow. glau means to have attained a great amount of deliciousness. mostly used by potheads to describe the sandwich they just ate or the brownies they had.
pothead #1: dude, that sand-o was totally glau!
pothead #2: have you tried those glau brownies?!
pothead #3: food is glau.
by scottimus February 07, 2006
just normal waffles served with bananas and cream, its great for breakfast, lunch or tea
emma: id love some banana waffles
scott: god damn so would I!
by scottimus June 16, 2006
sorta-kinda swear, but probably a promise you'll break.
politician: i'll have that done next week, i swearish.
me: liar.
by scottimus June 08, 2006
a tasty sandwich. often glau or just straight delicious
scott: i totally enjoyed my glau sand-o.
mike: from now on, they shall be called sand-o.
scott: indeed.
by scottimus February 13, 2006

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