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an air vehicle in starcraft(broodwar) designed for the protoss. thay are the equivalent of the valkyrie and the devourer. built by the dark templar, they have a low damage but with a high rate of fire and spalsh damage.
he thought he could ruin my turret defense with guardians, but my corsair's shreded him.
by scott mawdsley April 25, 2008
an air creature from starcraft(broodwar) that can only attack other air units. it belongs to the zerg race, and works well with sourges to eliminate flying forces. it is the equivalent of the corsair(protoss) and the valkyrie(terran) which are also released in broodwar.
they do a moderate amount of damage with splash, but most important is that they slow the enemy's rate of fire with spores.
he came in with carriers and i thought i was done for, but with some devourer's and and a dozen scourges i managed to hold him off.
by scott mawdsley April 26, 2008
an air to air unit in starcraft(broodwar) that attacks with cluster missiles. these match forces with the corsair and the devourer completing the zerg, protoss, and terran triangle for power.
the valkyrie has low damage but with high rate of fire and splash damage
you wouldn't expect it, but a fleet of battle cruisers can be eliminated with a handful of valkyrie's
by scott mawdsley April 26, 2008
a game with great graphics but terrible gameplay and a screwed up rpg system. it also has several points where it involves hypnotism to keep those who have played it, playing it. after playing oblivion you will find that you have less ability in other games, rts and rpg espescially. to avoid the hypnotism, where the red and blue 3d glasses.
sane person:here, where these glasses.

3 weeks later;
oblivious:hey, wanna hack the internet caffé server?
sane person:alright.
by scott mawdsley March 07, 2008

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