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Macherra is quiet, shy, beautiful, doesn't like attention and are freaks in bed!
Look at that Macherra
#macharra #mashara #macara #macbeth #machcha
by scorpio February 12, 2012
Tea drinking Duel Monsters authority and on and off web comic Author.
You're a regular Sephzero, you are.
by Scorpio December 29, 2003
Suspiciously Tangy Insane Little Manasprite
"This soup has a hint of Lyrai"
by Scorpio December 25, 2003
Former Naked Blue-Haired Glowstick Web Comic Author, Presently a Mage robe wearing Blue-Haired Glowstick Web Comic Author.
"They're naked like an Esper!"
by Scorpio December 29, 2003
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