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A contraction between the two words, can and I, used when one is too lazy to say them separately, thus slurring the two together.

Similar to other contractions such as I'm (I am), wouldn't (would not), and they're (they are).

Other spellings include: kai, chi, ky, k'i.
Person 1: C'i have some of that sandwhich?

Person 2: Yeah dude, here's a neeblé (see Neeblé)

Student: C'i please take a nap?

AP Statistics Teacher: Only after you learn about Chi-Squared.

Person 1: C'i get yo digits?
Person 2: Bitch, please.
by scoobgnarbler5 January 07, 2010
Neeblé(s) - A noun synonymous with "nibble" or "small bite" used when asking for a taste of a friend's food. Often utilized by those notorious for food mooching.
Friend 1: Hey broskanski, lemme get a lil neeblé of that sando.
Friend 2: No.

Friend 1: I am so freakin hungo, c'I get some neeblés?
Friend 2: Yeah!

A neeblé is generally equivalent to a small piece of a sandwhich or several chips.
by scoobgnarbler5 January 07, 2010
A noun AND verb used for anything and everything under the sun, its meaning always depending on its context and the tone of voice with which it is said.

Generally used to describe either amazing or painfully awkward situations.
After accidentally touching the girl's butt while standing in line at the cafeteria, the boy exclaimed "scooOOOOOOObbeeee!!!"

Person 1: Bro, the E-train just friend requested me on facebook.
Person 2: Scoob.

Bro, I just scooobed all over my hands.

Let's just scoob it on over to your place.

Person 2: Bro, you just gotta scoob the noob.
Person 1: Ahhhh scoob.
by scoobgnarbler5 January 07, 2010

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