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the act of basting your penis in tabasco sauce and having a german shepard perform fellatio on your fiery flavored wiener.
Jeff : hey Lassie, ya hungry girl? well i've got your favorite. just wait a minute while i fix you a spicy wiener schnitzel.
#spicy #wiener #schnitzel #spicy wiener schnitzel #blowjob #german shepard #felattio #felatio #sauce #tabasco #penis #dick
by schxzophrenxc_ax October 31, 2011
the abominable cyst found on the genitals of students of the University of Texas. commonly appears as an orange swelling of the flesh. This disgusting disease comes as a direct result of attending the University of Texas. typical symptoms include:

.a sexual attraction to the color orange
.a bestiality fetish (specifically an attraction to a cow)
. dementia (believing that UT is an adequate school)
.douchebaggery (male)/bitchery (female)
.thoughts of suicide

the only known treatment is a salve consisting of Sooner semen, crushed Baylor bear testicals, and Aggie asshole hairs that is applied directly to the infected area.
Elisa: hey Alex, what's that on your dick??
Alex: shit i dunno...
Elisa: wtf it's orange, did u go to UT ??
Alex: yea. how did u know??
Elisa: longhorn lump. -_-
#longhorn #lump #lumps #ut #university of texas #std #orange #hook em #dick #longhorn lump
by schxzophrenxc_ax October 25, 2011
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