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drinking beer from a coffee mug in front of a client or in a professional situation. a common trick of audio engineers who have to wake up before noon for a session
rocky mountain coffee is the best cuz nobody knows you're drinking booze, who drinks booze from a coffe mug
by schwerve July 16, 2008
A semi attractive and usually intoxicated person who frequents the same bar and has already slept with all of the regulars.
If you meet a person for the first time that knows everybody at the bar you are in and end up sleeping with them knowing that half the bar already has, that is bar schwag.
by schwerve July 16, 2008
A wool hat that covers the ears, popular in Canada. Sometimes called a beanie. Worn by the goalie of the Canadiens over his goalie mask during an outdoor exhibition hockey game.
My head and my ears are cold, so I'll put on a touke
by schwerve July 16, 2008
A musician who plays way too more notes than needed for the song in order to show off their technical ability. Often they will have their own instructional video and claim to have a blues influence in thier songs without having any knowledge of the blues. They sometimes destroy priceless vintage guitars by scalloping the fretboard, but often play Ibanez, Charvel, Schecter, or Steinberger
Yngwie Malsteem is a wanker
by schwerve July 16, 2008

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