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one who licks a noobs balls; below a noob: someone who gets owned by a noob over and over in a FPS game. someone who is a teamate killer and/or has a negative score
one who is looked down on by noobs.
ur such a nooblick and i pwn joo
#noob #cum bubble #penis #noobstick #nooblet
by schwendie January 03, 2006
an insult in cs where one player owns another by either knifing them or headshoting them over and over; they are told to uninstall which means to uninstall your game of counter strike and bring it back to the store becuase u suck so bad at playing. mostly said to by noobs and nooblicks
Death_is_near: uninstall joo sux joo nooblick
#to suck #take off #deprogram #stop playing #quit
by schwendie January 03, 2006
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