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3 definitions by schuuuuuu

A nonsense word; can be used as filler when the speaker can't think of anything better to say.
Hey... what's up?

Well... I'm kinda bored tonight.

Oh yeah? Well... BLARGEN!
by schuuuuuu February 17, 2005
A massive amount of storage, amounting to 1024 petabytes, the same as 1024^2 terabytes and 1024^3 gigabytes.
There isn't enough data in all of Earth's books to fill up a single exabyte of space.
by schuuuuuu May 21, 2005
A woman who desires to be the submissive participant in BDSM.
It's pretty hard for a femsub to find a maledom on the internet nowadays!
by schuuuuuu May 16, 2005