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3 definitions by schnozz

a severe, painful, cramping, burning, explosive diarrhea occurence, often involving a race with the devil to reach the bathroom before imminent sharting occurs.
dude i had the turbo nachos at el diablos and it gave me some hellacious butt chili.
by schnozz April 19, 2007
41 9
a ritual that takes place before defecation, especially at a workplace stall that one uses often.
Dave has a shitual of cleaning the seat before dropping anchor in the mens restroom at work.
by schnozz September 02, 2009
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The yellow spot that results from cum that has splotched on a surface and left for a very long time.
Ugh, I pulled my mattress away from the wall the other day and there was this giant golden cookie on the wall-- I totally forgot to take care of that one!
by Schnozz January 07, 2013
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