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South florida slang term referring to the withdrawal technique during sexual intercourse. Immediately prior to ejaculation, the male withdraws and "blows his load" over the female's mons pubis, the anatomical region directly above the vagina, covered in pubic hair unless the female has recently waxed.

Most commonly encountered when sexual relations are ongoing, but early enough in the relationship that the female has not been taking her birth control pills long enough.
Jason: Hey Kenny- how are things going with you and that girl Kathy?

Kenny: Pretty good- we've been slammin for a bit now- Still frosting the mons though.

Jason: Still waiting for the pill to kick in?

Kenny: Yup- only 1 more week to go
by schmuckaneers June 23, 2009
When someone is completely unable to stop being a pain in the ass.
Ben: I am so sick of Tracy, its always something with her. "Did you get the report done yet? Does it always have to be so cold in here? I am having work issues with Margie that you need to fix."

Tom: I really hate obnoxious compulsive people too. We should move them all to an island somewhere.
by schmuckaneers September 25, 2009
A very large and overgrown patch of pubic hair, where the margin marking the transition from peri-vaginal hair to peri-anal hair is blurred-essentially creating a continuous patch of hair from the low back to the belly-button
Lee: Hey- Sanj- you hooked up with that hot chick priti - I bet that was incredible!

Sanj: Yeah, I thought it was going to be incredible- but she has a big turkish bullseye- it looked like a camel's asshole down there

Lee: Oh shit- that sucks
by schmuckaneers June 03, 2009
When someone completely loses all social interaction skills when around someone very hot. Similar to autistic, but only around attractive people.
Guy 1: Dude, what is up with you? You are such a social retard around hot chicks. I swear you are hot-tistic. I am not going to be your wingman ever again.

Guy 2: Sorry, I know, it sucks. They are just so hot all I can do is stare at their boobs and then I get caught looking and then I get embarrassed and then I can't be funny and then I start worrying and then it just gets worse from there.

Guy 1: Stop talking. I don't care.
by schmuckaneers October 09, 2009

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