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The ability to schmeegle, an artform in pulling the opposite sex, many people try and fail, a schmeegle master can have great success in courtship.(warning schmeegling must not be attempted by beginners), ranking is as follows, (1)schmeegle grand master
(2)schmeegle master
(4) young paddowan
I schmeegled this girl today, she took me home and schmeegled me.
Have you been out on the schmeegle tonight?
I schmeegled her all night........!
by schmeegle August 26, 2006
A person who is an advanced online gamer with no life usually playing games like MMORPG's and drinking Mountain Dew (preferably Code Red) and living off of Doritos in their parent's basement.
Chris:Bruh,we should hang out with that kid Raymond.

Romeo:Nah,he's a code red guy.
by Schmeegle September 02, 2014

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