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a game that is played alot by a lot of people.
bob: he herbert have you beat one slime yet.
herbert: no
bob: why not?
herbert: cause negro slime keeps doin the same thing its getting me mad.
bob: calm down its just a game
herbert: well he doesnt have to be such a simpleton.
by schase April 10, 2007
someone who is easily capable of farting and knows how to shit themselves while doing it in a proper manner.
bob: hey guy arent you oging to the party tonight.
guy: no have to go to this meeting with my fartcaging
bob: no you dont
guy: yes
bob: fine then dont ask me to be your fartcag.
guy: i wont you asshat.
bob: ok bye i thought you were leaving
guy: I am, now bye i need to rehearse
bob: what your ass tunes
guy: no your mom
bob: we will meet again
guy: yea in your moms bedroom
bob: ok you punkaroo now leave
guy: ok, tootles
by schase April 16, 2007

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