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in pastafarianism, the one true lord the flying spagetti monster uses his noodly apendages as his method of divine intervention.
some times used as a greating or fare well 'may his noodly apendage forever touch you' is synominous with'may chist be with you'
by scavanna June 09, 2009
A thosand year old text which Sun Tzu
wrote depicting various wartime strategies
all possesing argueably more common sence
then our modern day ones.
ironicaly its very simple and terribly
short, shrunken down to font size 8 it
fits on about 10 pages, anyone with a
grade 5 mentality could read it, which
also makes it dangerous. The art of war;
it was ok. warwarfarsoft taco
by scavanna March 02, 2009

Someone stupid but has out of pure luck
performed a feat which would'nt be
otherwise possible without skill of ninja
quality or higher.

George bush isn't a ninja
only a shoe dodger.
Tom throws a frisbe, it is caught in a
updraft and never seen again.

"Tom you stupid shoe dodger, that was my
only frisbe"

Still a shoe dodger leaves his audence in

george bush
by scavanna March 02, 2009
World of warpops are the exclusive food of
the MMO'er. Non adictive WOW users should
not consume such articals as they are
very addictive and suitible for only
level 70's and over.

Side afffects of world of warpops may include but are but not limited to:
sever acne, violent diarriea, shortness of
breath, mouching off grandmother, weight gain, weight loss, loss of social skills.
world of warcraft, pizza pops, mmo,
by scavanna March 03, 2009
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