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1. v. - the act of harassing a driver, from the passenger seat, into attempting to fit his car into a space that is too small.

2. v. - ridiculing a driver, from the passenger seat, during the act of parallel parking.
1. Passenger: "Whoa, you banged that fender pretty hard."

Driver: "Well, I didn't think I would fit here until all your parallel snarking about how easy it would be to pull in."

2. Passenger: "Dude, how many times are you going to back up and pull forward until you stick the landing?

Driver: "Hey, I can't concentrate on what I'm doing if you're sitting there parallel snarking."
by scatterfan September 16, 2009
A feeling of light-headedness occuring after a parent (usually a mom) spends several minutes blowing on hot food to make it cool enough for a toddler to eat.
Dad: "Honey, why are you on the floor."
Mom: "I was getting Junior some mac and cheese, but I was blowing on it to cool it off. The next thing I knew I came to on the floor."
Dad: "Sounds like momsphyxiation."
by scatterfan September 28, 2009
n. four oreos. The ideal post-lunch dessert.
Lunch was weak, but this foureo is going to get me through to dinner.
by scatterfan October 12, 2010
the decision to remove HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" from one's DVR and/or viewing schedule due to boredom, frustration or indifference

v. Boredwalking
1. the act of removing the series from your DVR
2. the act of discussing how underwhelmed you are with the show
I lost track of how many episodes I've seen of "Boardwalk Empire," but it's been a long time since I've been interested, so it's time for a Boredwalk.
by scatterfan November 01, 2010

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