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The act of finding something that is obscenely gory, not disgusting, but in fact exceptionally beautiful.

Pronounced exactly like "gorgeous" but spelled with an extra "e" to embellish the "gore" aspect.

Used by people who love gore and gory things to describe their appreciation for things most people find repulsive.
Did you see that scene in Rob Zombie's movie "House of 1000 Corpses where the chick gets splattered by the semi truck and it smears her guts and intestines all over the road?! It was fucking gore-geous!
by scaryjesus January 30, 2011
When you take a short nap in the hopes that doing so will revitalize your mind, body and soul, effectively refreshing you completely.

Except in this case, it completely backfires on you and has terrible reverse effects; you wake up feeling even more tired than you were before, you're groggy, cranky and quite possibly feeling ill.
Sue: Are you getting ready to go out and watch the ballet with me dear?

John: Hell with that crap. I fell asleep and it totally napfired on me. Now I feel like a bag of smashed ass. Take your mother.
by scaryjesus January 23, 2012

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