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When a cocky youth presents a challenge for someone they dislike to "be a man" and they themselves bitch out. For instance, someone who challenges another person to a fight and brings a bunch of friends to fight you for him while he talks shit and hides, or has you meet him at his house and calls the cops, claiming youre there to kill him and then brags about how he kicked your ass and still got you arrested.
Terry: So, how did he take you asking him to give you your wallet back?

Laird: Not well. I drove up and his parents came at me with bats while he screamed from inside his house and called the cops.

Terry: Ahhhahaaaa, he Gibbsed you!
by scaryguynumber1 May 07, 2011
When a person wrecks their mother's car trying to be a hardass. Especially when the automobile is rolled when in pursuit of another vehicle of whom's driver the Dillonizing driver would like to talk shit to, but is far too afraid to without the protection of door locks.
Stan: Did you hear about that kid who rolled his mom's car trying to chase down that firebird?

Larry: Yeah he totally Dillonized it!
by scaryguynumber1 May 07, 2011
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