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Having some resemblance to an Australian
Partly or to some degree or partially similar to an Australian
Foreigners, tourists, immigrants and those who feel themselves to be Aussies but do not totally fit the criteria e.g. those who refuse to eat Vegemite or beetroot on their burgers, or drink beer, or don't understand what "bringing a plate" means, or what lamingtons are, or an Esky is, or watch the footy, or mow the lawn in thongs are only quasi Aussies, not fair dinkum Aussies.
My husband might be an Australian citizen, and might have lived in Australia for the last 20 years, but he is still a Quaussie. He refuses to eat Vegemite sandwiches, or a burger with beetroot on it and still thinks when the football is advertised he will be able to watch a soccer match!
by Scarlett.007 January 06, 2009
A really frowsty morning breath caused by a night drinking cheap vinegary wine. Mostly comes accompanied wwith a white slimy tongue and some green unidentifiable bits stuck between the teeth.
I leaned over to give my new lover a kiss in the morning, but my false eyelashes melted when he breathed his repulsive pickle breath on me!
by Scarlett.007 January 08, 2009
The left-overs from take-aways which you bring with you to a friend's place.
I didn't have time to pick anything up, so I took the Chinese take-overs from dinner last night.
by Scarlett.007 January 05, 2009
When a really ugly and/or nerdy and/or fat and/or smelly person invades your personal space and wants to intimately get to know you.
"OH look at poor Sue. that really ugly fat guy with zits erupting all over his face has pressed her into a corner and is trying to grope her. We'd better do a rescue mission because he's getting up gross and personal."
by Scarlett.007 February 06, 2010
The time of the morning, just on dawn when the noise of birds screeching across the sky and screaming from the trees is so

loud it wakes people out of their drink-induced comas.
My head was thumping with the most massive hangover and I'd only

crawled into bed 30 minutes earlier when the noisiest bird time I've

ever heard made it impossible to sleep.
by Scarlett.007 February 07, 2010
When the act of sexual intercourse is interrupted by the laughter of one or both participants.
"How do you expect me to keep it up when you keep making all those ridiculous jokes? I've got the worst case of laughter interruptus I've ever suffered."
by Scarlett.007 February 06, 2010
A baby grand piano that is so tiny it is more of a foetus than a baby.
We specially hired a baby grand piano to be played at our charity concert, but the piano they delivered was sooo tiny it was surely only a foetal grand.
by Scarlett.007 July 09, 2010
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