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2 definitions by scarlet :]

1) an internet information source with written entries from people. they must be approved by the managers before they are posted. can often have incorrect entries. i wouldn't trust it as a project information source.

2) used in fake gang banter for people who use wikipedia as a main information source and love it.
"yeah, man. i used wikipedia for my john adams history project and i got an F."

**Jamie throws up West-Side Fingers**
Jamie: "Wiki-Wiki, yeaa boii!"
by scarlet :] April 01, 2008
anagrams on the internet/aim for lazy typers.
example of internet lingo:
jane; "omg! tyler totally slipped on that banana peel today and practically broke his ass!"
john; "lol! omg! r u serious?"

omg = oh my god
lol = laugh out loud
wtf = what the fuck
wth = what the hell
rofl = rolling on floor laughing
lmao = laughing my ass off
ttyl = talk to you later
imho = in my humble opinion
idk = i don't know
idc = i don't care
idr = i don't remember
jk = just kidding
r = are
u = you
...and so on
by scarlet :] April 01, 2008