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Applies to men only. To dress left means to put one's penis down the left pantleg when dressing. You can dress left, dress right, or have a really small penis.
"I decided to dress left for the first time today, and it's a whole new world!"
by scapermoya December 02, 2008
Cubic Feet per Minute, as in how much air a fan can move in a minute.
Holy shit that Vantec Tornado has a 113 CFM rating!
by scapermoya July 06, 2004
A Danish word (pronounced HU-guh) meaning social coziness. I.e. the feeling of a good social atmosphere.
This kickback is hygge.
by scapermoya November 14, 2008
when the name of a brand has come to stand for anything in the same category as that brand.
"Can you pass me a kleenex?"

"we only have Puffs"

"Yeah, that's what I meant, it's a productnym"

same with coke, ford, saran wrap, etc.
by scapermoya September 09, 2008
Aside from the part of your body, hands is a term for a person rolling a joint, spliff, or blunt for a group. Someone "has hands" when they are the one rolling. Usually, whoever calls hands first gets it.
"If we are going to roll a blunt, I've got hands."
by scapermoya November 18, 2008

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