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Organi-cultural deviance derives its meaning from the words to ORGANIZE; to function as a structured unit CULTURE; meaning the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization, and DEVIANCE; meaning behavior that differs from what is normal or accepted.

Organi-cultural deviance is used to describe a corporate culture which has been socialized to engage in deviant acts (Husted, 2008, p. 140)
Organi-cultural deviance explains the deviant behaviors (defined by societal norms) engaged in by individuals or groups of individuals. The term organi-cultural deviance is also used to describe social, situational and environmental factors giving rise to corporate crime.

Husted, C. (2008). Systematic Differentiation Between Dark and Light Leaders: Is a Corporate Criminal Profile Possible. Capella University.
by sbmconsultingservices March 08, 2012
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