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4 definitions by sbj1786

.v) To punch or jab in the throat with lightning quick speed and agility, collapsing the airway and causing death within six seconds.

Baby Neeson - .n) a flick to the throat causing a minor inconvenience and/or discomfort.
Down South Neeson - .n) the act of Liam Neesoning someone in the crotch area.
Spectator 1: "Did you see that? That guy just got straight Liam Neesoned!"

Spectator 2: "He's not moving...I think he might be dead."

Spectator 1: "That's because Liam Neeson finishes things."
*See: the film Taken*
by sbj1786 February 15, 2009
194 31
A girl drink usually has a name like "Some kind of fruit + tini," anything with "Breeze" or "Sunrise" in the title, and/or containing some kind of sexual innuendo: "Against a Wall" or "On the Beach." Also, they look like something Rainbow Brite and her crew would drink on a bender, and they usually have more accessories than Mr. T.
"Dude, what is that girl drink in your hand?"

"It's an apple-tini, easy on the 'tini'"

"I'll have a Guiness, and a gay beer for my gay friend"
by sbj1786 April 28, 2009
28 7
v.) to frighten or startle an unsuspecting individual with the clever use of a cardboard cutout of Michael Keaton's torso. This is most effective when using Michael Keaton's likeness from Batman or Batman Returns.

*The utilization of Michael Keaton's likeness from Multiplicity or Mr. Mom often elicits the opposite of the desired effect.
"I awoke this morning in a haze. As I exited my bedroom, I opened my door only to be greeted with a 3 foot tall Batman torso, scowling at me from beneath his cowl. I screamed like a tiny baby girl. I had been Michael Keatoned, and the taste was bittersweet."
by sbj1786 February 17, 2009
26 8
v.) To sprinkle, spray, or otherwise cover with vaginal fluid or discharge.
I can't believe you vajuiced me. It's all sticky...
by SBJ1786 November 16, 2009
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