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"big hammer", serious tool, not carried in pocketz,and not used with nails, more like used fo` whacking down anything else.
(also total humour series, starring
by some actor named david, watch out for Sledge.)
lez grab the sledge hammer !
by saywhaaat December 11, 2003
Werkz means ofcourse Works
z=s and e innere said so it sounds like
o, d`oh yooall what kinda page iz thiz
a online dictionary ???
well pull some words outta cha`ll.
there is example 2 y`all
put like in the word REP = RAP,
tha letter E sounds like an A .
by saywhaaat December 11, 2003
REP iz as same as tha word RAP, sounds
like the same, Gst different "spelling"
its time fo` me to rep this place ...
by saywhaaat December 11, 2003

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