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To clear things up:

1. Dominicans DO NOT want to be Puertoricans nor do we hate them. If anything, Dominicans dread giving up their sovereignty to be controlled by a country that thinks so poorly of us.
2. Not all Dominicans are illiterate and ignorant. In fact, if you to go to a private school you'll be more cultured than the average American.
3. Dominicans listen to an amazingly big arrange of music genres, not just Bachata and Merengue. Music taste, just like in any other culture, varies from individual to individual and generalizing this only makes YOU an ignorant.
4. The Dominican community living in Washington Heights DOES NOT represent the Dominican population. Dominican people inhabiting this area usually come from really, really impoverished areas of the Dominican Republic which means they didn't get a proper education just like anyone from a poor neighbourhood anywhere would.
5. Dominicans are not all "ghetto". This fad is only popular in the poorer areas of the country.
6. Dominicans are not "lighter-skinned Haitians". Do some research.
7. The fact that most Dominicans don't speak proper English doesn't mean they're stupid or lazy or ignorant or useless. In case you didn't notice, the Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country which was never colonized by an English-speaking country (save from some relatively short American puppet-rulings). It's not like we go around calling people stupid because they don't speak Spanish
I'm Dominican. I've lived in the DR my entire life and generalisations about any culture are pointless, ignorant and offensive.
#dominican #stereotypes #truths #ignorance #facts
by sayswhobillywu July 01, 2010
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