4 definitions by sayit!

A blending of two types. It is when arrogant, ugly and pretentious meet, to make one phoney person.
Oh no ......he is a granisco. Flabby jowels and gut, big nose, a big phoney.

Plaid pants, oakey accent, big talk....yes he is a granisco!

Don't be gransico!
by sayit! August 16, 2009
a aging homosexual in denial who still wears disco shirts and polyester leisure suits.
Did you see Bruce with that flookaduke in that leather bar?
by sayit! August 16, 2009
information on a topic.
hey dude, what is the didlio on the new cell phone laws?

well dude, the didlio is hands free in the car. dude it's the law now.
by sayit! August 17, 2009
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