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A game in the GTA series. Originaly a city in the first GTA game (based on San Fransisco) but has now become an entire state (based on Cali and some Nevada) consisting of three cities; Los Santos (LA), San Fierro (frisco) and Las Venturas (Vegas)and a whole lotta backlands. And as always with GTA, a killing fest that no-one should miss..
Conservative politician: San Andreas makes kids kill people.

Sane human: No, violent games is actually letting out aggression, not making it, so stfu goddamn violent christian warmongers!!!!
by saxojon January 22, 2006
1: New York

2: norwegian word for 'new'. No kidding.
1:Ever been to New York City?

2: fått deg ny bil? (got a new car?)
by saxojon November 22, 2005
The biggest shithole in the world. Located some 20 kilometers north of Kristiansand, Norway. Consists of religious besser-wissers and drug addicts.
Youre from Vennesla? Lay down and die, asshole!
by saxojon January 03, 2005
Capitol of Norway. Located in the parts of Norway refered to as the "Eastern Lands". Norway consists of five such parts. "The Southern Lands", "The Western Lands", "The Eastern Lands", "The Northern Lands" and "The Middle Lands".

There is about 500,000 people living in Oslo.
I'm soon gonna live in Oslo..
by saxojon January 05, 2005
Mr. Burnes favourite expression
<Smithers>We just fired half our staff, sir.
by saxojon January 03, 2005
Only european city with skyscrapers.. Although very few, it's growing fast..

The city also has one of the worlds biggest music happenings, the "music messe".

And all you can get there is cheep beer, sausages and FUCKIN sauercraut... so long stayings are definetly out of the question.
"Ich want...ehh wolle eine Frankfurter haben?"
"Mit sauercraut?"
by saxojon January 05, 2005
Horn is a term used by musicians instead of the term instrument.
<musician1>Did you bring your horn?


<m1>whats up with your horn??
<m2>the electronics got fucked up.
by saxojon January 03, 2005
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